Watch Anti-Trump Religious Group “Christianity Today” Called Out To Answer 3 DAMNING QUESTIONS Over Obama’s Wrongdoing


7 thoughts on “Watch Anti-Trump Religious Group “Christianity Today” Called Out To Answer 3 DAMNING QUESTIONS Over Obama’s Wrongdoing

  1. I think our president has done more for this country than most presidents before him if not all there definitely were great presidents before him but he’s all about the USA first and I think the Democrats should get their act together this has gone way too far

    1. Like I said all this nonsense wasn’t of the Russian collusion and the Ukraine and everything else did Democrats the best way to hit them it’s in their pocket all these millions of dollars that are being wasted on bogus allegations I say take it out of their pocket own pocket that is that way we can put the money back into the treasury

  2. The “Christianity Today” obviously hasn’t paid attention to everything Trump has accomplished. They also seem to forget that God used whom he chooses to cause change or not and to do his will.

    1. I would suggest on the basis of their behavior that they seriously consider renaming themselves “Pharisees Today”. Why don’t they support ripping out Paul’s epistles from the Bible? Don’t they know that they were written by someone who tortured and put Christians to death? And let’s rip out parts of the book of Kings that told of a rather bad dude (also named “Saul” by the way) who God placed in power as the first king of the Israelites. How ‘bout ripping out the Psalms as a lot of them were written by an adulterous murderer named King David who not only desired and took another man’s wife and got her pregnant, but schemed to cover up his misdeed, and he finally had to send the man into the front of a battle to make sure he was out of the picture. There are other examples I’m shocked that CT doesn’t consider before boldly going public with an editorial of the nature that the did. They just exposed how shallow their thought and convictions are.

      I don’t always like what our/my President says, but I recognize that he is human and a sinner, and if anything, I am the “Chief of Sinners”. For those who say he is “unpresidential”, I’d like to point out one small, pertinent fact: EVERYTHING Donald Trump does is presidential! He is the President of the United States of America. And I intend to vote for him again!

      Dan, The Chief of Sinners

  3. Two things: The writer has the characteristics of a coward. Since he clearly wishes to destroy a pro-Christian president, he us in league with the powers of darkness. Some secret bank account will probably hold the key to explaining why he wrote the article.

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