Seems nemesis is beginning to set in and catch up with Pelosi and her gang of angry Democrats. In the video you’re about to watch, it is clearly seen that Pelosi was unable to defend her impeachment moves against President Trump and instead of answering questions being thrown at her, she went for the option of ditching them.

When the questions were becoming unbearable for the House Speaker, she cuts the reporters off, held one finger in the air and said “Any other questions on other topics, anybody want to talk about Mexico free trade agreement? Anybody care about that? Jobs for the American people? Progress in addressing globalism? … Important issues that relate to the economic vitality of our communities? Any other questions? Because I’m not going to answer any more questions on this [referring to Trump impeachment in the House].”

” Clearly you understand, when we see what their [senate] process is, we will know who and how many we want to send over. Not until then. I’m not going to go there anymore. We cannot name managers until we see what the process is on the Senate side. And I would hope that that will be soon. … So far we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us. So hopefully it will be fair. And when we see what that is, we’ll send our managers.” She added.


  1. The democrats just held the most unfair one sided ordeal i ever seen. They refused to give the republicans due process of any kind. When there witness didnt give the answers they wanted they qould put words in there mouth and claim its whqt they ment. It was the most dishonest hearings to date. Now plosie wants to stand up and say she is not releasing the articals of impeachment to the senate unless they set the rules for the trial up to her liking. Sorry plosie its out of your control now and no more of shifts bullshit. Its up to the senate now. But just like in 2016 if you cant hqve your way your going to be a crying bitch and throw fits rather than do something usefull. Look the bottom line is trump is going to win again in 2020. And if tou and tour party dont change your ways a republican will win again in 2024. But here is a question what do you think is going to happen come 2020 after trump again wins and the senate remains in control of the republicans then you and your monkey show losses the house back to the right. It going to feel good knowing you just couldnt hold them together isnt it.

    1. Boy Nancy lies like crazy and expects us to believe her. NOW she wants to talk about matters affecting the economy? After doing nothing but Russian Collusion and impeachment for 3 years.

      1. Her Death Penalty is already written on her sealed indictment that’ll be soon Unsealed. Just like all of them. They’ve all been Indicted already. They just don’t know it.. Well, Actually they Do know it. That’s why their fighting as if their lives depend on it. Because They Do.. They Know if they don’t beat Trump. (Which we All know they won’t) Their very existance on on Earth is Over. And the know they’re going straight to Hell. Which they’re ok with.. Every one of them are Satanists.. 😈😈 80% of Hollywood are Satanists. The Whole NWO are Satanists. The Pope Is Satan. As Hillary is Mrs Satan. You’ll All find out soon enough. God Bless Us All. 🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. I agree completely!!! And she acts like her sh-t doesn’t stink. She has to know what we all think about her. Her party must be going out of their mind. Its to hard to believe that she could scam the country into thinking that she is doing her job properly. I believe she got to far out on the plank this time. We will take the house back soon and she has a lot of answering to do about how she has run the house. It would be great to see her pay for her mis deeds. And even with her her assumed power she needs to quit messing with President Trump. He is doing a great job .
      Everything is better since his policies are in place.. Those Dems. hate him because he is effective even with them trying, with everything they have to knock him down, they can’t.
      Because he is doing the right things the right way.
      Unlike the scum obama.
      Trump doesn’t need any of this sh t. He is loosing money left and right by taking this job. What do you think his motivations are. The man donates his salary to different causes. He takes nothing for the job!!!!

      His sole motivation is to take this country and do the best he can to make it safer , profitable for investing ,whatever your desire is you have a shot at getting it ,in this economy.
      Keep going President Trump. We need you to finish.

    2. YES YES YES! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and her district is a massive cesspool, which she hasn’t taken the time to walk through it. I have yet seen her on TV discussing the plight of her district, instead she if habitually focused on attacking Trump. All she wants is Trump gone, everything else is of little significance to her.

  2. The only thing Nancy should take credit for is the fact that she sucks every ounce of trust the American people had in the democrat controled congress. Obama gave us Trump. But Nancy is giving us Trump for 12+ more years in a landslide.
    And then Pence…

    1. Well Trump for 4 more and Pence for 8.
      Trump and Pence should just switch positions and run if you can do that. The would win in a landslide!!!!!!!!

  3. Nancy Pelosi removed 1.2 Billion dollars from Social Security to pay for this impeachment circus and the celebration at the expensive DC restaurant afterwards. Karma, do your thing!

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